Fletcher Care: Home Maintenance programs

A Fletcher Care plan ensures your property is fully cared for both inside and out all year long.   An initial home review and consultation will help us understand the maintenance requirements of a property.

Once an agreement is in place, a seasonal maintenance schedule is coordinated based off of two home inspections completed in spring and fall.  Inspections consist of a thorough review of all interior and exterior areas of the home and grounds where we will address any changes, repairs or updates our clients want to accomplish for the season.   

Our Home Maintenance Plans include the following services (click on the + for a listing):

+ Scheduled Home Inspections

• Spring /Fall

     Annual Pressure Washing Services

• Spring /Fall

     General Home Repairs & Upgrades

• Spring /Fall

+ Landscaping Services

• Spring and Fall Cleanup
• Lawn Mowing, Cutting & Grooming
• Lawn Rejuvenation & Fertilization
• Tree & Shrub Pruning & Trimming
• Lawn, Beds & Garden Pesticide Applications
• Edging, Weeding & Mulching Beds
• Irrigation Maintenance
• Gutter Cleaning
• Snow and Ice Management
• Window Cleaning

+ Optional Service Packages

• Deer/Rabbit control
• Tick Control
• Plant Health Care Program
• HVAC Maintenance
• Water Filtration System Maintenance
• Sprinkler System Maintenance
• Swimming Pool Maintenance
• Long Term Vacation Supervision
• Firewood

     New Construction, Renovations and Additions


For our clients convenience, all maintenance and services can be requested, scheduled and managed using the Fletcher Development App available to iPhone and Android users. Click on the icons below to download.