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A native of Fairfield County, Connecticut, Ryan has spent the last 16 years immersing himself in all dimensions of residential development and build.  Fletcher Development LLC was founded with the vision to transcend common living space and improve the way we live in our homes.

Taking great care and skill in his attention to detail, Ryan believes that if you can’t do the little things well, you can’t possibly do the big things well; a rooted belief that lives in every detail and space of his work.  Ryan’s appreciation for the classic and affinity for the contemporary has separated Fletcher Development from the competition and earned the company both local and national praise in several major magazines and publications.  Ryan has often described his style as the coalescence of traditional design with accents of modernistic inspiration driven by a natural inclination to push the boundaries of what is the conventional home.

Ryan was a Sergeant in the Infantry Division of  United States Marine Corps and holds a B.S. in Construction Management from Roger Williams University.

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JON BRINDISI, Head of Construction Operations

Jon Brindisi is a multi-talented construction professional. Through his experience as both an architect and a builder, Jon has developed a clear and deep vision of every aspect of the construction process. Since 1987, Jon has worked on a wide variety of projects always making sure that highly skilled artisans, craftsmen and tradesmen are given the opportunity to create superb buildings. At Brindisi & Yaroscak, his focus was on customer and architect relationships as well as project management. Jon is now bringing his honed skills, and 30 years of experience to Fletcher. 

   Cathy Chamberlain  Construction Operations Manager

 Cathy Chamberlain
Construction Operations Manager

CATHY CHAMBERLAIN, Construction Operations Manager


Our Office

  Nick Fletcher  Real Estate Development 

Nick Fletcher
Real Estate Development 

      Will McNamara       Project Coordinator

    Will McNamara
     Project Coordinator

  Virginia Verrastro  Office Manager

Virginia Verrastro
Office Manager

  James Newman  Office Support   

James Newman
Office Support


  Maria Gonzalez  Office Manager

Maria Gonzalez
Office Manager

Our Project Managers

  Ben Fletcher  Senior Project Manager

Ben Fletcher
Senior Project Manager

  Marc Ventresca  Project Manager

Marc Ventresca
Project Manager

   Jim   Novicky                 Project Manager                

 Jim Novicky
               Project Manager               

  Conor Maccabe  Project Manager

Conor Maccabe
Project Manager

  Marco Rodrigues  Project Manager

Marco Rodrigues
Project Manager

  Leif Vik   Project Manager 

Leif Vik
 Project Manager 

  David Sansone  Project Manager   

David Sansone
Project Manager


On-Site Team

  Jordan Parsley  Site Superintendent

Jordan Parsley
Site Superintendent

  Humberto Tandazo  Site Superintendent

Humberto Tandazo
Site Superintendent


Eddie Bacon, Site Operator & Site Manager

Kevin Shay, Site Operator

Dave Billie, Site Operator

Kyle Pomeroy, Operator

Trey Pizzuletto, Driver & Operator

Ruben Fernandez, Driver & Operator

Ramon A, Labor & Operator

Chris Schenarts, Labor